The Walk of Shame

Leaving behind the closed door, I take the walk of shame in despair of my end. In the wake of dawn, I am tumbling down into the darkness. I walk ahead while pulling the mask to hide myself from the social interactions and getting ready to talk about everything but nothing that brings any true important sense. The mask fits perfectly glorifying the normalcy, but the invisible, vast interior remains in there, the goodness of mask that holds is not the radiating gold when pealed but only serves layers of darkness. I wish to be the nonchalant as I am outside, but this bitterness of whirling for other’s needs is consuming me whole. The screeching sound of the iron gate couldn’t be louder than the repulsive torrential chaos in my head, wish this gate could open me to a crossroads to choose, but to my disappointment I only have the option of crossing the road. I step a foot on the road, reluctant to look for any vehicles and hoping to get run down by a speeding truck, but life for me takes all the pleasures in an amazingly fun way to torture by not letting me die. A car stops just enough close to not run me down and life couldn’t have given me any more of a stinging slap by making Swetha be in the driver seat. From the corner of my eye I recognized it was her and with rock bottom ego and swallowed pride I hung my head down, went and sat in the front passenger seat. A massive lump in my throat not allowing me to utter a word and my eyes filled with tears and shy down with shame. She started driving without saying a word, nor looking at me allowing me to hold my dignity in a close palm. “Birth and death are certain & in-between; we live with unsolvable uncertainties on this big blue ball we call earth. …!”

The Story of Aditya Vishnu

S/o Late Mr. & Mrs. Vishnu

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Lavanya Addepalli

“Wandering Researcher” .. Student by profession... Human by heart with clusters in brain.. Travel & Music Lover, Foodie, Ghost Writer