She is the Dame

Lavanya Addepalli
2 min readMar 7, 2021


Walking through the valleys of life when we keep searching for paths and directions created by others; We start following those paths in the hope of someone else’s illusion of success in life. The fear of walking alone that brings obliteration of little deaths is the strongest that holds us back from stepping up into the world unknown around. Those unseen and unwise hearts have always been talking about the omissions of pushing the boundaries and making new paths as unwritten moral obligations of society.

She is the Dame,

She is the Hera,

She is the bright Day,

She is the one who tunes the Hearts,

She is the one leaving her fears at the Feet,

She is the one hopes with strong Prayers,

She is the Dame… she is the day… & She is the Diva….!!!

But this fierce, inviolable and exemplary feminine who is not afraid to love and protect her loved ones, is the lady who sees her value to the utmost while she values everyone around her equally and even more. She is the one with her head up who reserves her emotions & is the mast in torrents protecting the calmness within her to spread the love that’s been washed with the strong winds of storms. The lady with the highest of integrity while being kind & chivalrous to others is not afraid to show her heart out with emotions and yet enough wise and logical to not get carried away in the flow of her own emotions. The exquisite lady with the highest of independent spirits, she loves her kith’s & kins enough for them to depend on her and for her to depend on them. For the magnificent virtues, she makes the world around humble, the sense of strength within her extends beyond the lines of boundaries set by the masses but not beyond herself. She is the maestro who has always walked her paths; created them herself and left traces for others to follow. She is the uncompromising dame who has been a constant path creator by her choices of life opening unequivocal avenues.



Lavanya Addepalli

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