BiggBossTelugu Seasons 1 Finale Week Twitter Data Sentiment Analysis

Team — Lavanya Addepalli, Sai Harsh & Dhrumil Sheth

BiggBoss is one the most popular reality TV channel following the patters of Big Brother which was initially started in Netherlands by Endemol. In the period of 11 years Bigg Boss in Hindi have gained massive popularity and the versions have been elaborated in several regional languages in India. #BiggbossHindi has been running successfully for 10 seasons & an additional spin off season, the show has been hosted by few artists from Bollywood mainly Salman Khan. Biggboss in Tamil is been hosted by Mr Kamal Hassan one of the elite artists from India. #BiggBossTamil has started from 25th June, 2107 and is supposed have a finale episode on 3rd Oct, 2017. #BiggbossBangla is the show ruining sucessful with 2 seasons by far and is been hosted by The famous Bangla & Bollywood artist Mithun Chakraborty. #BiggbossKanada is approaching towards season five from 29th Sept, 2017.

#BiggBossTelugu has started in the year 2017 with first season and is hosted by Jr. NTR starting from 16th July, 2017 & the season Finale is on 24th Sept, 2017. Crowd Sources support from #Twitter with geo-location across the world is been computed. The sentiment analysis is being performed to estimate and predict the winner.

Supports of the contestants from several locations around the world. As the reality show is about emotional sentiments based on the behavior of the participants and also the entertainment they provide. A sentiment analysis is been performed on the finale contestants based on the crowd sourced data gathered from Twitter. The values ranges between +1 to -1.

The results are derivative from Social network #twitter, the keyword based analysis allows to witness several layers of networks in multiple folds.

The Data acquiring & Sentiment analysis is performed by using Twitter API & VADER (Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner) Sentiment Analyzer. The rule based sentiment analysis is one of the best methods to analyse the messy social network data. Purely the purpose of study.



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