Beautiful Chaos

Lavanya Addepalli
4 min readMay 7, 2021


Bright early springs, restless winds were blowing directionless, mid-afternoon almost empty roads. A ruthless tinkling sound of chimes while pushing open the door. She entered into the coffee shop. Searched for an empty table for herself across the glass wall with a street view. She was all dressed up. Yellow and red, the colours as if just was made for her, looking adorable. The flowing dark straight hair, faintly smudged eyelids, mild pink eyes were bearing tiny pearl drops in them. She parks herself facing the glass lost in the view outside. Reflection on the glass showing a desolated tear from her unblinking eye quietly sneaking out sliding down through the cheeks. A slow melodic tune rang on her phone; she just ignored it and kept staring.

Boy: Ma’am… Ma’am…?? Excuse me, Ma’am…!!!

The coffee shop boy, with all quizzical expressions, was trying to get her attention. She heard him, took a moment, closed her heavy eyelids, letting all the tears escape and composed herself. She faced the boy, looking at him with one angry expression “what do you want?”

Boy: Ma’am, May I have your order, please?

She: Bring something which I won’t throwback on your face…

Boy: OK!!!

The boy left with all the confusion, but she is still facing in that direction. Her eyes wouldn’t show any movement, but look all the end of the coffee shop. A lonely corner table for two was occupied by a pair. The pair seems late teenage or early twenties chit-chatting, all smiles and laughter. She was enjoying seeing them. A melodic tune rang on her phone, shying down eyelids to check the screen, but reluctant to take the call. She repositioned her chair, facing towards the pair. It was fascinating about the couple. She was looking at them with all her eyes, but lost in some thoughts.

It feels as if raw winter winds blowing through my skin. How could you be so cold? All the conversation’s haunting me … replaying like an echo…! How could you crumble, our life like this? What is this cruelty of life? My heart still beats longing for you even after you broke it into a million pieces…?”

Boy: Ma’am Coffee…!!

She slowly gives a tired blink and looks up at the boy holding the coffee cup. Her hazy eyes look all tired with a million questions in them. Now they are red and showing tiny droplets in the corners. She gives him a slight smile.

The boy leaves without saying a word, leaving behind steaming hot coffee. A white mug with assorted text prints of “Smile” in different colours seemed like the mug had been just for her. A steaming hot cup of coffee with caramel sauce smiling emoticon engraved on a thin layer of white foam. She was smelling all fresh, grounded aroma and a hint of cinnamon. She closes her eyes and tries to fill with the aroma. He returns to the counter and changes the radio station; a romantic song started playing. While she was enjoying the coffee aroma, her ears happen to listen to the most romantic music. A combination was reminding her about someone special. Eyes still closed, ears listening to the music, a silent, hidden smile developing on the lips. She stayed like that…

“Wow…!! What a timing of this song. It’s all heart-melting… I still remember the day when we met alone for the first time. A coffee shop on the outskirts of the city. A lonely corner table and all woods around. It was a rainy day, and you asked for a custom-made coffee. I was all afraid, what if I don’t like the flavour you chose for me?

I remember your eyes… Huh…!!! I could see my reflection in them; the kind made me lose myself in them… I was hardly listening to you… Those dark eyes resemble the midnight silence just before the crack of dawn. They always make me realize; dark isn’t bad, but it is the seriousness, a sense of responsibility. The responsibility that you are ready to take for me. That is where I fell for you, and I fell so hard.

How could I fight; when I am so in love with you? The feeling of missing you is like a torment that I am never prepared for. The ache of longing echoes through the very marrow of my bones… I cannot get away from you no matter what and not for such foolish reason.”

Opening her eyelids slowly, this time they are peaceful and soulful. The hidden smile still alive, and her eyes were searching for the coffee boy in an entire coffee shop. She found him returning from another table, and he happens to notice her looking for him. He looks at her with a surprised expression, and she, in turn, blinks her eyes; with a low whisper only lip movement, she says “Thank you”, followed by a smile.

She returned to looking at the street view and sipping her coffee. After every sip, her smile curve would be a little more significant. She was not only staring at the road and enjoying her coffee, but she also remembered someone, replaying some thoughts and blushing like a princess. The phone rings again with a melodious tune, and this time her eyes sparkled, and the heartfelt smile on her lips making the curve sexier. She picks up the phone and gets ready to leave while answering the call. She left the table, leaving behind a nice tip for the boy and a thank you note… Still listening to the person talking on the other side of the call and kept walking to the door. She pulled open the door, and the chimes tinkled. She stood there for a moment, looking at the chimes she replied… “I love you, baby… I am so sorry…!!” She walked out of the coffee shop and kept talking on the phone.



Lavanya Addepalli

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