A Letter To A Sapio

Lavanya Addepalli
4 min readApr 30, 2019

Dear Author,

I might seem like any other fan and this letter might seem like any other fan mail. It is very common I understand, but what you should know is I happen to be a rigorous reader. I spend pretty long time in reading a variety of books. I am more addicted to books which are near to the real life story but very few fictions. No time long ago I was in a book store, I happen to come across your first book. I was surprised when I saw the craze for your book. I was a frequent visitor to a book shop and I knew few sales persons. After a brief discussion about books the sales person was enthused to bring your book to me, even though he knew that I am not much fan of fiction. I was not really willing to go with his suggestion, but just not to hurt him, I took the book and started reading the back cover initially.

The last line on the back page brought goose bumps and a shiver in the spine. The shiver in the spine is enough to understand how the book is going to be and guess what I came to the front page and the cover page… oh man! It swept my feet off and skip a beat. Started with the first page and then the second page and definitely a page turner. I stood in the same position and the same place until I reached the first 100 pages and again the same salesperson. He approached me with a bright smile and suggested I could buy the book and sit somewhere with a coffee and start reading it again. Surprisingly, I agreed with him and bought the book. I had to pause in such an intense page, tough for me to wait until I reopen the book again. As soon as I came out of the shop, I found a café across the street and in no time, I was in the café, found myself a corner table with a bright light. The table has been just apt for the page that I had paused on, written such intense that I can sense a visual in front of my eyes, eventually which did reflect so many expressions on my face.

A chocolate, coffee mocha with caramel topped and sprinkled cinnamon was the exact flavor which complemented the mood gained from reading. Man, I have a question to pose is it really a fiction or any real experience that you have articulated like that? I am astonished with section two how well you wrote that. I got so lost in the characters as if it was the story that was happening around me and I was not reading it, but as if I was actually viewing everything happening around me. For a first-time writer, this is very surprising to engage a reader up to this extent. Some reader like me who is tough to stick to a fiction without saying it trash before reaching mid of the book. You are definitely some interesting guy who did write an interesting book after all.

The most interesting fact was that, it was almost close to midnight and after a couple of coffees the café staff had to respectfully ask me to leave the café so they could close for the day. I was so engaged in the book that I did not care about the time, neither did I care about hunger nor did I check my phone in the past six hours. This is very strange to me and I am surprised by my own behavior. Later, while I was walking back to my studio, I found a bench under the street light in a walking park. I parked myself on the bench and started with section three by then I was so addicted to your flow of writing that I hated to discontinue the reading. By mid of section three the temperature came down drastically and it started drizzling. The exact climate I was hoping to have around me. The mood was set high intense, driven. Once the first droplet fell on the book, I closed it and I was still sitting on the bench. I sat their calm with closed eyelids re-repeating all the scenes in my mind. Every droplet that fell on my face drove me more and more crazy.

I was afraid to open my eyes because I knew I was already missing a companion around me. I was hating that moment of the day when I was so much filled with emotions and the pity, I was missing a company to share the feeling. It is such a punishment to bury those feelings inside of me by myself. The time came when with a heavy heart and more heavy eyes I dragged myself fully drenched and still shivering through the spine. By that time my brain went numb and I was loving that phase of my brain for the first time that I remember. Later, all I remember is crashing in bed, slipping into sleep.

Your Reader… !



Lavanya Addepalli

“Wandering Researcher” .. Student by profession... Human by heart with clusters in brain.. Travel & Music Lover, Foodie, Ghost Writer